Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Recent pic of me and Jay:)

Jay and I just did our photo shoot for our invitations and response cards. I got a few shots that fell into good lighting. But the real star of this shoot (besides our friend Jenna who took great pics!) were my fake lashes. I found a seller on ebay that sells these sets of 10 lashes, 30 lashes, or 60 lashes for next to nothing. Of course, I purchased the 60 pairs, since I go through them so quickly with weddings. There were 6 different styles of lashes in this set (totalling under $10 WITH shipping. Yes, it was sent from China and 5 year old orphans probably made them under awful conditions.) Of this, only 30 are wearable for the majority of people. That leaves a fun 30 for me to play around with and not feel too guilty- at 5 cents per lash, I should be popping these on daily.

I chose the boldest, chunky lashes for our photo shoot for a mod look. As usual, it looks SO much more natural in pictures! Well, it's bold, but not compared to how they look in person. I felt like I was wearing a visor of lashes. I even snipped off about 30% of each lash so they were the right length.

Besides the bold lashes, I added black liquid liner, soft nude shadow, airbrushed my face, and finished with a creamy 60's pink lipstick (mac lovelorn). Again, in the photo it's pretty natural looking. This leads me to my own wedding: I want to keep it simple, but bold: Plenty of eyeliner on top, highlighter and some liner on bottom even (softer), big lashes, bright lip stain, and bright pink blush. But eyeshadow barely reads, so that will be nude, and no inner rim liner (too pedestrian and doesn't last more than 2 hours no matter how you apply it). Still debating on tanning or not: I'm not really a "tan" kind of girl, but it'll make my exposed skin look better (read: thinner). I have an appointment next week to try out airbrush tanning to see if I like it. Will keep you posted- My friend, Jessica travels and does airbrush tanning for $35 per person (STEAL!).

In this shot with Jay, I'm obviously directing him. It's funny since I am on set for shoots doing this with models regularly. I guess it's become a habit. The other pic has Jay cropped out- I got the good lighting on this one and shamelessly made it into a headshot. I think it looks vaguely cinematic. The day was scorching hot and I started out with my hair down and that lasted about 10 minutes. Our invitation cover shot does have my hair down, then it was bun city time.

I don't want to post any more from the shoot because it will ruin the invites for anyone who's on the list.